Now that we have a dedicated website for our 50th Reunion, the task at hand is to get everyone informed. In a few weeks, there will be a comprehensive list of missing classmates, but for now--spread the word!
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January 22, 2016

Let's talk . . .

Happy New Year to all! Now it's time to start getting down to business. If you are reading this, you are familiar with the website so you know that the main event of the 50th reunion will be on Saturday night. We need to get some ideas of what other activities you would like to have included in the reunion weekend. So let's talk . . .    

Respond to this blog with your ideas, preferences and ramblings and we'll call it brainstorming!


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Dick Ranes on March 5, 2016 1:49 PM
Looks like OPHS Homecoming game is 9/17/16 at OPHS.

Fredrick McGraw on February 11, 2016 7:04 PM
While I realize others have good reasons for voting for a Sunday picnic, it would cause a problem for some of us traveling from out of state.

Dick Ranes on February 2, 2016 11:47 AM
I was hoping for a get together Friday 9/16/2016 at Oak Grove Park or Macken Park. I would be happy to set it up.
Any other suggestions??
Dick Ranes
Toni Case on February 2, 2016 12:44 PM
Thank you, Dick, for getting this conversation going. I like the idea so let's hear from more of you. 

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September 25, 2015

Casual get together September 26

There apparently is to be what is being billed as a mini-reunion tomorrow night at Paul and Jack's in North Kansas City beginning at 6:30 for any and all '66 grads who can stop by. Short notice, I know, but this is a very casual gathering. Drop in if you can.


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September 17, 2015

One year and counting . . .

Today is September 17 and one year from today many of us will be seeing classmates for the first time in many years--reconnecting, reminiscing and sharing stories. I predict lots and lots of laughter and perhaps a few tears for those who left us too soon. It will undoubtedly be a memorable occasion.

Please note that before the end of September there will be information posted on the Travelers page of this website regarding hotel rooms at the Courtyard Marriott. There will be a block of rooms r...


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July 14, 2015

Any Number Can Participate . . .

Well, by now you all know that I am all talk, having not followed through on my threat to post wildy exaggerated and negative things about you on the Classmates page. Maybe I am really a nice guy or maybe most of you thought the sordid accounts I would have posted promised to be more interesting that your own lives. (A few classmates allowed as how this was true.) ANYWAY . . . we all hope that more of you will participate by posting on the Classmates page (and many thanks to those of you who hav...


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June 15, 2015

No more Ms Nice Guy

The Classmates page is still missing all of the mini-bios that I have been asking for. I have asked nicely and cajoled, but I fear I may have to restort to sterner measures. If you all don't get with the program and post a short piece about yourself, I will compose one myself and you won't like it. I might say how you are still trying to get your life together after being paroled from the big house where you served 7 to 10 for investor fraud, that you are in seclusion after your 18th cosmetic...


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June 10, 2015

The search is on . . .

The search for '66 grads continues. If you are reading this, you are officially in the loop. The process of eliminating outdated email information and deleting phone numbers that are no longer in service (apparently I am not the only one who has decided that having a land line is redundant) is time consuming. Within the next few weeks, we will post a list of Missing Classmates and this is going to be rather lengthy. Once the list is posted, all of you can pitch in and provide information th...


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