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Kathy (Mary Kathleen) Meyer (Dunback)
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retired secondary language arts teacher/coach Married 2
Steve and I are happy to gather with all of you. It's been too long. I attended Englewood, Meadowbrook, Oakwood Manor, Antioch, NCKHS, and OPHS, and UMKC, before my family moved to Topeka. I have a BA in Modern Languages/French from KSU, traveled in France and studied at the Sorbonne in Paris in the summer of '69. Everyone in Paris was obsessed with the American moon landing. I taught 9th grade English and French I-IV in the small north-central town of Belleville, KS, returned to France as Asst. Dir. of KSU's Summerschool at the Sorbonne program, and began a MA degree. I fell in love with a farmer boy and we married in 1972. We have lived on his four-generation family farm ever since, although Steve has retired from all but crop farming. I stopped teaching in Belleville in 1974 because of young children, daughter Kim, son Chris. I substituted, but mainly administered a county-wide Free University that won a national award for diversity of courses taught by volunteers. In 1984, I returned to teaching 8-12 English, French, drama, and speech at a wonderful old highscool in south-central Nebraska. I was asked to direct competition one-act plays, and continued for 20 years, winning State in 1993. My folks retired to Belleville in 1984; dad passed in 1997. I finally finished an MS in Curriculum and technology in 2008. I retired in 2010 to care for my mother until her passing in 2012. I spend my time now reading and painting on the Kansas prairie and traveling to Eudora, KS or Evergreen, CO to spend time with delightful grandchildren: Cici and Solomon Bentrott, Haiti earthquake survivors and now citizen second graders, and their little sister Samara, preschool, and Conor and Caden Dunback, 6th and 2nd graders. So, there we are, and here we come! Send Kathy (Mary Kathleen) a MessageSend Kathy (Mary Kathleen) a Message
Allen Neal
Retired Married 1
Hello to all!  I encourage everyone to contribute by adding your profile here. We are interested. The following is what I have been up to:
Married to Marsha (Norman) from the Class of 1969 and have celebrated our 46th Anniversary. We have 1 daughter (Becky) that has given us 2 grandchildren (Zachary 12 and Brianna 9.) We currently live about 1 mile from Oak Park. 
Diploma from Draughon's College of Commerce Accounting.)
Vietnam Veteran US Army, MACV, SAIGON. 1969-1970
38 years at General Motors on the line and in Safety.
Active United Auto Workers member.
Construction Safety Consultant for 7 years after retirement from GM.
Love Family, Golf and Fishing.

Would appreciate hearing from Ralph Morrison or any information about him or his where-a-bouts.

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george nodler
retired Single
After graduation I went to William Jewel and graduated in 1970.
I still live in Gladstone. The house I grew up in. I worked in sales for 30
years for Midwest Bolt & GT Midwest, I served 3 trems on the Gladstone City
council & 2 terms as mayor.I am happily retired and enjpy gardening.
I love to travel and enjoy summers in Crested Butte Co.

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Brenda Parrack (Cologna)
retired teacher Divorced 2
I attended NKC schools from 7th grade through our junior year: Eastgate, MaplePark, and NKC.  But then because of divorce, my mother moved us to Sarcoxie, MO to open a Dairy Sweet drive-in restaurant.  So I graduated from Sarcoxie.  I really missed being at NKC.  So I came back to KC for college at UMKC.  Graduated in 1970 with elementary education degree.  I taught for 2 years at Benjamin Harrison Elem. in the KC school district.  Met my husband when visiting my mother in Springfield.  Married that Marshfield dairy farmer in 1972.  Started working on my master's degree in 1972 and completed it in 1977. Started teaching in Marshfield 1973-74.  Taught for a total of 29 years. Had  a son in 1975 and a daughter in 1982. Divorced in 1983 and have been single ever since.  I have 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.  Life is good. Sure was glad I went to NKC schools!!!!!! Send Brenda a MessageSend Brenda a Message
Lendon Payne
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Married 2
Hello Everyone
After NKC, I attended UMKC for my BSc in biology and MSc in Microbiology. Along the way I married a Swedish woman from Stockholm. We moved there in 1972 and I started my PhD studies at the Karolinska Institute School of Medicine (home of the Noble Prize in Medicine). I finsihed my doctorate in 1979. By that time we had 2 children who are now married to other Swedish citizens and live in Stockholm. I started my MD studies in 1981 at the Karolinska and finished in June 1987. By that time I was divorced from my first wife and then met my second wife, a Finnish woman. We moved back to the US in 1988. We have lived in Boston (MA), Madison (WI), Orlando (FL), and now St. Louis. I was Vice President of Research at 3 different biotechnology companies and Associate Dean of the Biomedical College at U. Central Florida. Along the way, my wife acquired BSc in modern languages, a BSc. in accounting, MBA in finance and a PhD in management.She is now an associate professor at Maryville U. here in St. Louis. I retired in 2005. I have 7 grand-children including 2 sets of twin girls (one set from each of my 2 children)
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Ronald Phelps
Retired - May 2016 Widowed 2
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Dick Ranes
retired Married 2
After four years of college and four years in USAF including Phu Cat Airbase Vietnam, my wife and I moved back to Gladstone. I was laid off from TWA after nine years, so I went back to school at MIT ( Missouri Institute Technology). I was hired the day after graduation and worked the next 25 years repairing main frame computers and then retired.
Joyce my wife (OPHS grad 1967) have 2 sons and 6 grand kids, all in the northland.
For the last 10 years we have been traveling in our motorhome. Hope to see all of you in Sept.
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Janet Reid (Williams)
retired teacher Divorced 3
Charlotte Rich (Stockbauer)
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food safety Married 4
I am a wife, mother of four, grandmother of eight, still working as a food safety auditor but plan to retire before our reunion!

Except for a short time in Idaho, I have lived within ten miles of my childhood home my entire life.

I travel weekly for work, and my husband accompanies me a few times a year.  We love spending time with the grandchildren.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.
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Roberta Scanland (Pressly)
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retired Married
Where have 50 years gone? I've remained in the Kansas City area, but now live (way) south of Kansas City, south of Raymore, MO. (I still like the northland, but it is easy to head to the lake from here!) I'll be married 31 years this week. I never had kids, but my husband had two daughters, and we now have 3 grandkids a 4th great-grand is due in December.

I graduated from William Jewell College in 1970 with a music degree, and did some graduate work at UMKC. Unfortunately, I ultimately didn't pursue a music career. I had steady work over the years, though, and spent my last 15 working years doing graphic arts in an in-house ad group in a manufacturing firm. (I never liked "art" in school, but love doing it on the computer!)

I was one of a group who ended up in Englewood grade school all the way through 8th grade. I finally went to Northgate, then North Kansas City, but ended in Oak Park. It was neat to be part of all the firsts of a brand new school. Looking back, I wish I'd spread my interests out a bit from the music area in high school. Between this involvement and living a little "in the country," my social life suffered. I have enjoyed reconnecting with several high school friends over the last 18 months, though.
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